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Significant Awards


School Liability
Assault by unattended emotionally disturbed student on general education student, leaving victim with devastating Traumatic Brain Injuries. Settled. 
$9.0 million

Negligent security resulting in shooting and parapalegia $4.3 million
Product Liability
Tip over of a Genie personnel lift resulting in shattered knee and wrist. 
Trial Court granted additur.  Liability and additur sustained by 1st Department and Court of Appeals.     Link to Court of Appeals Oral Argument
$3.0 million

Product Liablity - Negligent design of Flag Football Belt $1.6 million

Labor Law Violation,
Carpenter fell from ladder sustaining severe leg and ankle injury

$1 million
Lead Poisoning $590,000
Premises liability, negligent installation of industrial heater caused explosion, injuring plaintiff $800,000
Premises liability, trip and fall over restaurant canopy support $450,000
Golf Cart - Negligent collision with golf cart $445,000
Premises liability, plaintiff injured after walking into plate glass room divider $365,000
Premises liability, ceiling collapse $300,000
Auto Accident - Intersection collision $290,000
Sidewalk construction created a hazard causing plaintiff to fall, sustaining  fracture of elbow $275,000
Bicycle Accident - cyclist collided with pedestrian $250,000
Premesis Liablity, slip and fall on wet floor in retail store $200,000
Premesis Liability - Slip and fall on ice accumulation at a residence $175,000
Motor vehicle accident resulting in severe knee injury to plaintiff pedestrian $150,000
Police Misconduct,
Negligent discharge of weapon striking bystander, minimal residual injuries
Sidewalk construction created a hazard causing plaintiff to fall, sustaining  fracture of elbow  $45,000

Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose and treat pulmonary embolism $2.25 million
Failure to diagnose plaintiff's cancer of the larynx $1.6 Million
Failure to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to newborn infant $1.56 Million
Double Medical Malpractice
Failure to diagnose cancer and over-radiation
$1.5 million
Failure to diagnose plaintiff's cancer of the nasopharynx $825,000
Failure to diagnose displaced hip from birth to age 4 years $825,000
Failure to diagnose kidney disease resulting in loss of kidney $750,000
Arthroscopic Surgery on the wrong knee $600,000
Surgical Error resulting in perforated bowel $575,000
Improper manipulation of cervical spine $550,000
Treating doctor suspended from practice for 3 years
Failure to diagnose appendicitis $400,000
Failure to diagnose and treat appendicitis $350,000
Negligent administration of anesthesia $300,000
Over-radiation of treatment for Kaposi Sarcoma in HIV positive patient $225,000
Improper radiation treatment, causing plaintiff to sustain burns $223,000
Failure to properly treat wrist fracture resulting in malunion of bones $150,000
Failure to diagnosis stroke $125,000